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At CitySeerders, Citizens Hack The City, together!

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Entrepreneurship Brussels New Orleans - United States

Collision Start-up Island - NEW ORLEANS, APRIL 30 - MAY 3, 2018

The opportunity to oin our Group purchase of 8 booths at Collisionclosed. THERE ARE HOWEVER A FEW TICKETS LEFT. Get your Collision Tickets here at a discount!

Join the CrossFit Holthem Crew

Over 30 members joined our team since Januari. Don't mis your chance to join CrossFit Holthem in Haaltert.

Curious Noses

CurieuzeNeuzen Vlaanderen is een wetenschappelijk onderzoek waarbij de bevolking de handen uit de mouwen steekt. Onder leiding van professionele wetenschappers verzamelen burgers data over luchtkwaliteit. Zo helpen ze mee om een uitdagend wetenschappelijk probleem op te lossen. De bedoeling is om luchtkwaliteit over heel Vlaanderen gedetailleerd in kaart te brengen, zowel in de stad als op het platteland.


Become your city's ambassador for CitySeeders

We believe future cities will be built by citizens. We need local ambassadors that can help to unlock the potential of their town, tapping into local networks and spotting opportunities!

Huh? Omnisourcing?

Huh, omnisourcing?

Well, not everything is in money. Find some examples how people can help.


A time to listen, time to consult, time to help…It is one of the most precious resources one can offer.


Everyone is good at something. Other people’s expertise is a tool we can help you unlock.


Time of circular economy is now. If you need a gear, material or a venue – there is always someone who can offer it.



You will still need some money. No worries, we can help you here as well!.


Nobody can do the change alone. A strong network is behind every success.

5 stages

Get closer to your dream in 5 steps


Make your presentation. If you inspire and convince us, we will contact you and help you plan your next steps.


Reach out and spread your ideas. By making your profile, you will be able to find others who believe in your project and are ready to join in. Let them know what are your goals and how you plan to achieve them.

Crowdsourcing coach

Omnisourcing is new and unknown. But you're not on your own. Our crowdsourcing consultants stand by your side. Together you will work on your pitch, decide on what you will really need, prepare a communication plan and find your crowd.


It is the most exciting phase! After weeks of preparing, now is the moment of truth. Share your dream with the whole world and deserve the support you need.



Just as every professional cook has to taste the meal to know if it’s good, you too have to test your work. Is everything going according to the plan? Do you need to adjust? This is the time to reach your full potential.