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Historically multicultural, Brussels has an ambitious strategy and is implementing some exciting changes. The spheres of urban transportation, telecommunication, education, culture, and administration are all constantly improving, in order to bring efficiency to their citizens. The city is opening their data and investing largely in entrepreneurship and technological innovation. New incubators, regular events and meetups, along with open exhibitions are a becoming a regular part of the urban scene. Together with numerous smaller organizations, the city is making sure to stand as an attractive and inclusive place, where creativity is driven by its diversity and complexity.

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Waar wanhoop bloeit

Een documentaire van Pieter De Saeger & Joachim Dejonghe. Hij is langs d’ouden Styx gegaan waar wanhoop bloeit en galgen staan. Lijden leert ons veel begrijpen, doet prille jeugd tot wijsheid rijpen. (...) De Banneling - Willem Elsschot


Slow care on a fast bike à Bruxelles

Aidez-nous à acheter de nouveaux vélos et tire-lait. Soutenez les nouvelles mamans et les patients bruxellois et aidez-nous à délivrer des soins à domicile plus écologiques à Bruxelles !