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Entrepreneurship Brussels New Orleans - United States

Collision Start-up Island - NEW ORLEANS, APRIL 30 - MAY 3, 2018

The opportunity to oin our Group purchase of 8 booths at Collisionclosed. THERE ARE HOWEVER A FEW TICKETS LEFT. Get your Collision Tickets here at a discount!

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Health Entrepreneurship Local Communities

Moet de groene buffer in Mechelen Zuid plaats maken voor een waterpretpark ?

De focus van onze actiegroep ligt op het behoud van de natuur in onze Groene Buffer. Deze actiegroep wil de bezorgdheid van de buurt omtrent het Plopsaqua project verzamelen en bespreekbaar maken met de Stad Mechelen.

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Entrepreneurship Social Inclusion Local Communities

Kantoorruimtes te huur in Brussel

De Molen verhuurt verschillende kantoorruimtes in Brussel voor Sociale-ondernemers of VZW's.

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Entrepreneurship Social Inclusion Local Communities

Kantoorruimte te huur

Kantoorruimtes te huur in Brussel
De Hovenier

Health Clean energy Food

An urban farmer in Gaza

One urban farmer brings food and safety in a middle of Gaza, Palestine.

Food Entrepreneurship Circular economy

Beer from the sky

Turning rainfall into beer and helping the city of Amsterdam manage the excess precipitation.

Health Food Entrepreneurship

Out of our own backyards

Establishing an alternative food chain that helps local farmers and brings fresh and organic food straight to consumer's doors.

Entrepreneurship Social Inclusion Local Communities

Transforming old infrastructure

Residents transformed an old hospital complex into a space for living, working and community gathering.

Clean energy Food Entrepreneurship

Food transport on bikes

Making an alternative food transport system in Amsterdam,

Entrepreneurship Social Inclusion

Refugees made an app to help other refugees

A team of refugees in Berlin are developing an app to help others navigate the German bureaucracy,

Entrepreneurship Social Inclusion

Helping others becomes easy!

Helpfulpeeps: a fast growing platform for volunteers that is proving that people want to help strangers