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Social Inclusion

Smart cities have the ability to reach out and adapt to everyone. Providing open urban spaces, building affordable houses and planting community gardens are just some of the ways in which cities are already working on the social inclusion. Every urban resident has a right to the city. Many people are now securing that right for different communities. They are making sure that their city is an inclusive space. If this is something important to you, send us a message and we will work together!

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Common garden as a community space

The residents of Tulsa (Oklahoma) turned an empty pool into a community garden, making a valuable adition to their city.

Health Social Inclusion

De Kleppe

De Kleppe is een oud kloosterdomein in de Vlaamse Ardennen dat werd omgevormd tot een aangenaam vakantieverblijf voor mensen die fysiek, mentaal, financieel of sociaal kwetsbaar zijn.