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This University city is using the power of science and research to their full potential. Global problems are being studied on different levels and everyone is encouraged to think towards sustainable solutions. The biggest ambition of the city as a whole, is to become climate neutral by 2030. The plan includes improving the air quality, reducing traffic, dealing with parking problems, but also increasing the quality of life. These great goals are going to be reached thanks to the combination of health care, technology and creativity. For this, Leuven invites all of its residents to join in!
Postcode: 3000

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Recup’Kitchen is a project that will give pride of place to food reclamation in association with the Latinis vegetable garden. It will be located on the site of the old Josaphat train station.


Huff & Puff pocketwear Lanceer mee de beste zakdoek ter wereld!

Een Huff & Puff is geen wegwerpding, maar een uitmuntend stuk textiel voor alle doeleinden, dat een eeuwenoude traditie combineert met een pak fantastische eigenschappen