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The city of Ghent is proud to claim that a smart city cannot exist without smart citizens. Refusing to search for one – fits – all kind of solution, the city is putting the future in citizen’s hands. Opening its data, providing workshops, meeting spaces and labs, the city is advocating for cooperation and active participation. This bottom – up approach is not a recent trend, but a way Ghent has been developing and evolving for decades. Their combination of education, research and citizen – lead initiatives, is constantly advancing domains of urban mobility, energy production, health, and life quality. Postcode: 9000

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Emile - De schoonheid van imperfectie

'Emile, De Schoonheid van Imperfectie' portretteert 49 kinderen met het syndroom van Down. Leer de kinderen kennen in hun puurheid en hun eigenzinnigheid. Ervaar hun schoonheid zonder vooroordelen. 'Emile, De Schoonheid van Imperfectie' is een fotoboek en tentoonstelling. Het project is een samenwerking tussen fotografe Emilie Bonjé en MIEX.


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