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Historically multicultural, Brussels has an ambitious strategy and is implementing some exciting changes. The spheres of urban transportation, telecommunication, education, culture, and administration are all constantly improving, in order to bring efficiency to their citizens. The city is opening their data and investing largely in entrepreneurship and technological innovation. New incubators, regular events and meetups, along with open exhibitions are a becoming a regular part of the urban scene. Together with numerous smaller organizations, the city is making sure to stand as an attractive and inclusive place, where creativity is driven by its diversity and complexity.

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De Grote Parade: een stroom van alternatieven

On 20 March we will all be taking to the streets again for the Hart boven Hard and Tout Autre Chose Big Parade. The Parade will be a colourful panoply of alternative solutions showing how society can function differently! Is there no alternative? We don’t believe that; but believe that the alternative comes from the bottom up!


The Parckfarm café!

The people behind the Parckfarm Tour & Taxis non-profit association dream of being able to welcome you to the Farmhouse by setting up a “community café” to create cohesion and togetherness, where the food will be just a pretext for meeting and mingling.