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Antwerp is all about implementing new technology and making the urban life sustainable. The city monitors the energy and water consumption, public transport and waste system. This way, they work towards better management of the infrastructure. Connecting different innovators, entrepreneurs, developers and researches, Antwerp is building a basis for its future. Ultimately, the city itself will become a live digital laboratory, for testing and improving new solutions. As a capital of the Flanders region, they intent to construct a strong network with other cities, to collaborate on solving the common problems.

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Boek 'Less is Beautiful' (NL + ENG)

'Less is beautiful' is de titel van het nieuwe boek van Cyriel Kortleven. Het boek geeft je inzichten in de overdreven zoektocht naar efficientie, de keuze-paradox en vele concrete voorbeelden en technieken hoe je 'Less is Beautiful' in je professioneel leven kunt integreren. Indien voldoende animo, dan komt er zowel een Nederlandse als Engelstalige versie van het boek.


Eden on Earth

My name is Sophie and i'm a beginning tattoo artist and yogi. I was recently doing my tattoo apprenticeship in Antwerp, but sadly due to some circomstances i had to move away from the shop. Which has left me with no material, and lots of clients waiting. I need some support to get my own material, and start on my own, so i can to finish these appointements and keep my clients happy and satisfied.